Writing Groups

During November, my friends and I held a number of writing nights. Some of the participants are creative writers, some were participating in NANOWRIMO, and some had personal or professional projects that they wanted to focus on.  All of us had something to write.  And I found that they totally work!

The first hour looks less than productive.  We often make it a pot luck night, spending that first hour eating, talking, blowing off some of the steam that everyone accumulates during their work day.  Not a lot of writing.  But enjoyable nonetheless.

After the food and wine, we set out to writing.  There is some talking during the writing, but that doesn’t seem to distract anyone too much.  In the four writing group nights I participated in (further events cancelled due to snow), I managed at least a thousand words each night.  Others finished their projects or reported hundreds of words written in the time we allowed.  I wonder if the drive to write is spurned by the fear that at any moment, another member of the group could ask how many words you’ve written.

Maybe I’ll do that at the next writing night.

Write on!

One thought on “Writing Groups”

  1. Nice post, Mike. I find it so interesting how certain people work in certain environments. I know some people who need to be in a quiet space free of distractions in order to get things accomplished. I don’t mind some noise. The most distracting thing for me is probably You Tube. SO addicted. I like the idea of writing groups as friends can bring a sense of accountability as well as suggestions and encouragement. All positives!

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