A page of links to useful and helpful webpages.



A program that I found very useful for managing my writing projects.  You create a project, add chapters and scenes.  You can add characters and location into a database, see an automatic word count, and track all sorts of useful data.


zim logo

Zim Wiki is a nice program that allows you to build a database for the background of your book.  I like lots of details in my world (side effect of a history major), not all of which will make it into a book.  This allows me to track and link pages together much like Wikipedia.

Kate Minor Photography

Kate Minor Photography logo

My friend Kate’s Photography website; she took the head shots and several of the stock photographs appearing on this website.  She also does weddings and family portraits.  If you are in the Twin Cities or Duluth area, take a look at her website.

12 for 12 Challenge Blog

My other blog, has to do with monthly challenges and general personal improvement.  Check it out.

The tale of an author, and his blog.