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The First One

Writing One

I have always been a writer.

As a kid I wrote and drew pictures books. By middle school I was attempting to write novels. My friends and I would play imaginative games in yards, turning a front porch into a starship bridge. In high school it was Role Playing Games, crafting a story through acting and die rolling. In College I did not pursue writing as a career, instead trying my hand at a number of possible fields, none of which panned out. But I was still writing and creating in my off time.

I write because I enjoy it. I enjoy creating worlds of wonder, writing about people and their adventures. I love puzzling out the story behind everyone. I even enjoy the writer’s block and the chapters I finish and delete, because all of that leads to the moment when you type ‘The End’, sit back, and marvel at what you’ve done.

I write because I find it soothing. Coming home from a long day of work, sitting at the computer, and immersing myself in the details of a world of my own creation drains all of those cares away.

I write because I read. I love the thrill of reading someone’s work and getting so intense that my heart races with every word. I’ve cried and laughed with the characters, felt the exultation of victory and the pain of defeat, and hoped that someday I could write so well.

I have always been a writer.

Now I mean to be an author.

This blog and website are my proclamation to the world. I am embarking on a quest to self-publication and all that entails. I will blog and write and share the process as I go on. Perhaps this is the start of a great career. Perhaps this is just another attempt to start a career. Perhaps it is somewhere in between.

Regardless, I have always been a writer.

And I always will be.