February 1st Update

How is it February already? I just woke up from New Years and suddenly in the next month!? Ach.

Book Projects

I got a lot of writing done on Book III, some of it multiple times after Cloud syncing errors wiped out some documents. What I didn’t write I got planned out. Did some planning and prep work for my fantasy novel and some short stories. Lot of work done, still more to do.

Movies and TV

Finished up What we do in the Shadows, at least as far as it’s been released. Very enjoyable show, and they actually managed to surprise me a bit with the end of the season. Continued with Book of Boba Fett. Not sure where that’s going but it’s got a bit of potential left.

Did watch two new movies this month: the MCU’s Eternals and Godzilla vs Kong. Eternals was a pretty good movie, but since I wasn’t familiar with the characters or their place in the MCU, I’m not sure how to integrate it. I know the characters are all themed off ancient folk legends and gods, which was fun to contemplate. But how it fits in? Don’t know.

Godzilla vs. Kong was a fun movie to watch, but I thought the daughter character (Millie Bobbi Brown) was kind of shoehorned in. Her arc didn’t really mesh with the rest of the story, and the conspiracy theory guy just bugged the hell out of me. At least the fight scenes were fun.


Only finished off two books this month. A Study in Violet by Michael Merriam is a Sherlock-style mystery set in an alternative history where a mystical fairy court exists and has diplomatic relations with Victorian England. The story includes elements of magic, steampunk and fantasy. A good story, if short.

The second was A Prayer for Owen Meany. I read this book after my dad mentioned it was his favorite (it’s also my mom’s favorite book, so that’s cool). After finishing it, I have to say it’s on my short list of favorite books as well. The story’s main character is friends with Own Meany, an extremely small boy with a loud voice. The story covers growing up in 1950’s and 60’s America, exploring the impact of Owen Meany on the people around him, particularly the main character. Very good book, highly recommend.


Nothing decisive in the gaming world this month. Working through a few minor bits of HZD; playing through Halo Infinity and Warmachine Tactics. Didn’t complete either, but still enjoying both.

What’s Next

I’m focusing on Book III right now, trying to get that done so I can begin revisions. Still need to set up for some events this summer, try for another Pop-Up Bookstore. And want to get some more blogging done, work on a process for that. February is likely to be short and full of writing.

Until next time. Cheers!